Consultant to BFI, Sunshine Canyon Landfill, Los Angeles, CA

    Mr. Aidukas provided services in obtaining final permits for the Sunshine Canyon city landfill expansion. These permits included the Corps of Engineers 404 permit, the California Department of Fish and Game 1603 Agreement, Regional Water Quality Control Board 401 certification, the implementation of mitigations measures satisfying the City of Los Angeles Traffic Improvement “T” permit conditions, and the City of Los Angeles Zone Change “Q” permit requirements. He also obtained construction and building permits from the City of Los Angeles for the construction of support facilities.

Director of Environmental Affairs, Pacific Region, Browning Ferris Industries

    Prior to the establishment of his firm, JTA & Associates, Mr. Aidukas was Director of Environmental Affairs for Browning Ferris Industries (BFI). Mr. Aidukas managed and directed the successful expansion of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill from 1988 to 1999. This included managing the team of professional experts, the project's legal firms, public relations consultants, and political lobbyists. The Board of Supervisors approved the Los Angeles County expansion in 1990. This was one of the most complicated land use matters in both the City and the County of Los Angeles in the past decade. The CEQA documentation for the County expansion was challenged in Superior, Appellate, and the Supreme Courts and was upheld. Additionally, permitting approvals were challenged at the agency board levels and were upheld. The Los Angeles City Council approved the expansion of the landfill in the City jurisdiction in December of 1999. The CEQA document for the City expansion was challenged in Superior Court in 2000 and was upheld.