Renewable Energy

Montauk Energy Capital, Irvine, CA

    As consultant to Montauk Energy Capital, Mr. Aidukas provided professional services in order to obtain sales and use tax exclusions from the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority for a biogas project at the Bowerman Landfill in Irvine, CA.

Minergy Sewage Sludge Recycling, CA

    Mr. Aidukas served as a consultant to Minergy, a Wisconsin Energy Corporation, in the development of a California market for recycling sewage sludge into a glass building product. He provided technical and regulatory support, permit approval assistance, state and local level political support, and market development guidance to the corporation.

Hot Rot Composting Systems, CA

    Consultant to Hot Rot Composting Systems, a New Zealand Company providing equipment for food waste recycling into a high-quality compost product. Provided permitting guidance in air, water, and land use regulatory requirements and assisted in the development of their west coast market strategy.

Getty Synthetic Fuels, USA

GSF was an alternative energy subsidiary of Getty Oil Company. GSF designed and operated the first landfill gas recovery, treatment, and utilization systems in the world. As Manager of the Western Region, Mr. Aidukas was responsible for the profitability of all landfill gas facilities in the western United States. Duties included interfacing with regulatory agencies, landfill owners, energy consumers, and the public while directing engineering, operations, and marketing in the region.

    As Manager of Projects for GSF, he managed the design, permitting, and construction of 14 facilities across the United States. The largest was the Fresh Kills Landfill gas recovery, treatment and utilization facility at Staten Island, New York, the largest landfill in the United States. Local facilities included a 5-megawatt power generation facility at the Brea Olinda Landfill; a medium BTU facility at the Mountaingate Landfill in Los Angeles, with gas transported by pipeline to UCLA for boiler fuel; a medium BTU facility at the Sunshine Canyon Landfill, with gas transported by pipeline to the Newhall Refinery; and a high BTU facility at the Operating Industries Landfill supplying gas to the Southern California Gas Company. As Manager of Projects for GSF, Mr. Aidukas helped regulatory agencies across the nation set the standards for gas migration control and recovery.