Oil & Gas

GSF Energy LLC, Sylmar, CA

    As consultant to GSF Energy, a Philadelphia LLC, Mr. Aidukas provided permitting approvals and construction supervision in the successful abandonment of a 5 mile idle gas pipeline traversing City, County, and Caltrans jurisdictions.

Ameron Process Systems, Santa Ana, CA

    Mr. Aidukas served as a Project Manager for Ameron Process Systems, an engineering firm, designing oil and natural gas processing facilities. As Project manager for Ameron, Mr. Aidukas was responsible for engineering, designing, and directing projects related to oil and natural gas handling, treatment and storage. Project management under his direction included the Teapot Dome Gas Recovery and Handling Facility in Casper, WY, and the Oil Storage Vapor Recovery System for Caltex Oil Refinery facility in Sydney, Australia. In addition, Mr. Aidukas was an engineer involved in the design of Chevron’s Grace Offshore Oil Platform in Santa Barbara and the Exxon’s Hondo Oil Field in Goleta, CA.

Texaco, Inc., Midland, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana

    Mr. Aidukas served as an Engineer for gas and oil processing facilities for Texaco Inc. in Texas and Louisiana. As Project Engineer, Mr. Aidukas was responsible for engineering and designing, specification development, procurement and construction supervision for natural gas collection systems, compressor stations, and natural gas processing plants. In Louisiana, Mr. Aidukas was Plant Engineer at the Paradis Gas Processing Facility, the largest lean oil absorption gas processing facility in the world.